2014 Committees

Arkell Project Committee
Peter Core, Ken Hardy, Geoff Maltby, Jim Whelan
Audit Committee
Peter Core, Jody Jamieson, Paul Lindsey, Geoff Maltby, Dan Mayo, Ken Hardy*, Jennifer Rankin*, Brian Tropea*, Dale Tinkham*
Constitution Committee
Ken Hardy, Jody Jamieson, Jean-Marc MacKenzie, Dan Mayo, Jim Watt, Jim Whelan
Hall of Fame Board of Directors
Ken Hardy
Hall of Fame Planning Committee
Ken Hardy, Brian Tropea
Insurance Committee
Kent Baker, Ken Hardy, Paul Lindsey, Geoff Maltby, Brian Tropea, Jim Whelan, George Dunfield, Kathie Wilkinson
ORC Rules Review Committee
Dave Boughton, Ken Hardy, Anthony Haughan, Jody Jamieson, Brian Tropea, Mark Williams
OSS P&P Representative Alternate
Geoff Maltby, Peter Core
RRSP Committee
Kent Baker, Bill Bannon, Ken Hardy, Paul Lindsey, Geoff Maltby, Brian Tropea, Jim Whelan, John Williamson, Debbie Surette, Kathie Wilkinson, David Wright
Scholarship Committee
Ken Hardy, Paul Lindsey, Geoff Maltby, Joan Rankin, Brian Tropea
SRA Marketing Committee
Bob Bodkin – NHA, Sharla Daley – NCRHHA, John Gallinger – SC, Ken Hardy, Paul Lindsey, Bill O’Donnell – COSA, Kelly Spencer – GR, Brian Tropea, Kathy Wade Vlaar – SC
Weather/Track Conditions Committee
Dave Boughton, Dave Gibson, Ken Hardy, Jody Jamieson, Gerry Lamoureux
Youth Camp Committee
Dave Boughton, Peter Core, Ken Hardy, Paul Lindsey, Geoff Maltby, Brian Tropea

*as required