Party Responses

So far only the NDP has filled out a complete questionnaire . 

  • Conservative: Con.
  • Liberal: Lib.
  • NDP: NDP
  • Green: Grn.
Question Con. Lib. NDP Grn.
1. Are you interested in Horseracing?   
2. Have you ever attended a live race?
3. Are you related to anyone who is involved in the sport?
4. Are you Aware of the 1998 commitment to Horseracing through the implementation of slot machines at racetracks?
5. Are you aware that there is a Siteholder Agreement between the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp, Racetrack Owners and the Horsepeople?
6. Were you aware that 10% of Slot Revenue less Jackpots goes to Horseracing purses?
7. Were you aware that the original term of the Siteholders Agreement was 15 years and is now coming to completion?
8. Will you support another 15 year renewal of a new Siteholders Agreement with 10% of Slot Revenue less Jackpots being paid to the Horsepeople?
9. Would you support maintaining or increasing the number of Slot Machines at the existing Racetracks?  maint.
10. Are you against further Expansion of Gaming in Ontario? For example: Online Gaming and Expansion of Bingo Halls  
11. Do you believe in the Provincial implementation of Responsible Gaming programs?  
12. Did you know that the Ontario Racing Commission regulates Horseracing across the Province?  
13. Would you support a review of the Racing Commission Act 2000 and the roles and responsibilities of the Ontario Racing Commission under the Act.  
14. Would you support a reexamination of the rules and regulations of the Ontario Racing Commission?  
15. Would you support the current agreements that specify that purse money earned is used at the Racetracks where it is generated?  
16. Would you support a provincial organization to represent the horsepeople of Ontario?  
17. Would you support a democratic voting system to identify the representative Horsepeople Association in the Province?