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October 2019

OHHA letter to COSA October 9, 2019

Dear Bill,   First let me thank you for the opportunity to address your board of directors on Wednesday, August 28, 2019 to discuss the current situation regarding the Ontario Harness Horse Association (OHHA) funding as well as the representation of Standardbred horse people in Ontario.  After hearing from you and your directors, OHHA would…

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(a) I agree to abide by OHHA's constitution and by-laws and appoint and grant OHHA the right to act as my sole and exclusive agent and representative for the purposes of negotiating and executing contracts with all racetracks in the Province of Ontario and executing agreements relating to racing with any other group, body or association and I assign and transfer to OHHA, during the time I am a member, all my intellectual property rights, throughout the world, including copyrights, personality rights, and any causes of action related thereto, that I may own, arising from or related to my racing activity.

(b) I agree and consent to the terms of the Privacy Agreement of the Ontario Harness Horse Association, a copy of which is published on the Ontario Harness Horse Association's website and available to me in print on request.